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Slip Policy

A limited number of slips are available for club members wanting to keep their boat on the water for the sailing season. The maximum boat length 23 ft. There is usually a waiting list for a slip. Turnover has been very low, and the wait time may be several years. To get on the waiting list, send an email to the Vice Commodore or write your name on the list on the notice board at the club.

Existing slips

Members with a slip will have first rights to a slip for the subsequent year. Payment for the next year’s slip must be made by December. IE. - a slip for summer of 2018 must be paid for by Dec 31 2017. If payment for the slip is not made by December 31st, then the member is deemed to have given up their right to the slip. There shall be no subletting of slips under any circumstances.

Slip allocation

Members desiring a slip must place their name on the slip waiting list. This will be on a first come first serve basis, with the person at the top of the list having the first rights to a slip. The list will be maintained by the Vice Commodore and made publicly available upon request.

In January, or whenever a slip becomes available, those on the waiting list will be informed by Vice Commodore that a slip has become available. The member will have one week to respond to and pay for the slip. After the third decline, the member’s name will be removed from the list or be put at the bottom of the list, and the process will start over again.

A member may ask to be put on a waiting list starting in a future year and to not be offered a slip prior to then. No member on the waiting list shall be offered a slip more than two times in a single season.

Relinquishing a slip

If a member decides that they no longer want their slip before the end of the sailing season, and there is a waiting list, then the slip will be made available to the next member on the slip waiting list. A prorated amount will be refunded to the member giving up the slip and charged to the member taking the slip. The prorated amount will be calculated based on the sailing season which is from club opening day to club closing day. If there is no-one who takes the slip, then no refund will be offered.

If a member sells their boat during the sailing season and no longer needs the slip, the new boat owner may use the slip for the balance of the season, and must then add their name to the waiting list. They do not have an automatic right to the slip for the subsequent year.

Original PDF with Slip Waiting List Example

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